our seed production

Seeds of varieties bred by NORDSAAT and sold by Saaten-Union are reproduced through direct contract cultivation in our own agricultural holdings. In addition, order-based and licensed reproduction activities are carried out in VO and partner firms inside and outside the country.

Seed production includes all cultivation types that are bred by NORDSAAT. The core focus of seed production is on the production of preliminary stage and base seed. In the course of one year, breeding is done on approximately 3.000 ha in our own agricultural holdings.

In the breeding areas, the cultivation percentage of winter barley, winter wheat and triticale is 80 % and that of spring barley and oats is 20 %. Hybrid wheat is exclusively bred in France and further processing is carried out in our facilities.

Seeds are processed in Nordsaat’s four processing plants and in a partner company. These plants have state-of-the-art processing machines for seed cleaning and seed treatment. All seed batches are tested in our in-house seed laboratory for germination capacity and germinating power before they are accepted. This ensures high quality seeds until they are sown.

Since 2007, our cereal processing plants have been involved in the quality assurance system for Z-Saatgut (QSS) of the community fund for cereal seeds (GFS).

This assures and improves the quality of certified seeds.
(For more information, visit: www.z-saatgut.de).

seed technology video

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